Power Supply Company

Power Supply Company LLC (“PSL” LLC) is an affiliate of Uralmashplant JSC. The company supplies energy to the plant subdivisions and outside companies.
  • Thermal energy supply (transfer services)
  • Natural gas supply (transfer services)
  • Electric power transmission services
  • Oxygen gas supply (transfer services)
  • Maintenance of gas-regulating stations and cabinets
  • Heating-system hydraulic flushing
  • Maintenance of electric plants, repair of 6kV high-voltage equipment, high-voltage cable repair
  • Electric installation operations, repair of water and heating mains


Company Address: 620012, Russian Federation, Ekaterinburg, Pervoy Pyatiletki sq.
Postal address: 620012, Russian Federation, Ekaterinburg, Iliycha str., 17, Post office 12
Contact tel/fax: +7 (343) 327-57-45
Email: M.Savinkina@uralmash.ru