UK Kuzbassrazrezugol commissioned shovel EKG-18M, which is the first shovel of this model in Russia

Published date: 20 May 2020

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Bachatsky opencast colliery of UK Kuzbassrazrezugol JSC (an enterprise of UMMC raw materials assets) formally commissioned EKG-18M – the first updated model of the flagship shovel produced by Uralmashplant. Toward the end of 2020 the plant will supply four machines more of this class to Kuzbassrazrezugol.

The formal commissioning of EKG-18M, which took place last Tuesday, was timed to the coming three-hundredth anniversary of Kuzbass discovery to be celebrated in 2021. The machine got No. 300 in honour of the forthcoming event.

EKG-18M is the tenth machine of this class supplied to enterprises of the coal company by UZTM. In 2011 Krasnobrodsky opencast colliery commissioned the first shovel with the serial No. 1. The updated version EKG-18M developed by Uralmashplant designers together with specialists of Kuzbassrazrezugol takes into consideration ten years of field experience of EKG‑18.

The qualitative changes aimed at the enhancement of machine reliability, service life and operating safety cover most of main units, structures and systems of the shovel. The engineers implemented the most advanced technical solutions. EKG-18M features upgraded dipper-door opening mechanism, which allows reducing the dumping cycle, enhanced design of the boom and undercarriage. The changes of the housing include better tightness, safety and more comfortable conditions for machine operator.

EKG-18M is equipped with the most advanced systems, including information and diagnostic system, which provides for reliable control and supervision of shovel units and its protection in overload modes; illumination system Red Kill Zone for the dangerous zone, which enhances safety of mining operations during the hours of darkness; video surveillance with two monitors provides for simultaneous supervision of shovel machinery room, front end equipment, cable reel and "dead zones". The fire detection and suppression system TUNGUS produced by a Kuzbass company ensures protection against fire threat.

"The cooperation of coal company specialists and Uralmashplant designers resulted in a completely other machine, which provides for more reliable, comfortable and safe operation. The specifications of this shovel equal to those of foreign analogs," says Igor Kirilov, head of power and machine department of UK Kuzbassrazrezugol JSC.

According to Natalya Kostina, technical director of UZTM, the enterprise will continue to improve the excavating equipment. "Our objective is to provide the mining industry with reliable and high-performance machinery. We pursue this goal together with our customers: their experience, suggestions, and severe requirements allow us to raise competitive capacity of the national engineering industry," said Natalya Kostina.

This year Kuzbassrazrezugol plans to acquire four EKG-18M more: one machine for Kedrovsky and Kaltansky collieries each, and two shovels more for Bachatsky colliery.