The managing company UK UZTM-KARTEX LLC was created in 2015. It is the association of the largest Russian manufacturers of mining equipment: Uralmashplant JSC, Ekaterinburg, and IZ –KARTEX named after P. G. Korobkov, St.-Petersburg. The main shareholder of all three members of the association is Gazprombank.

Main activity fields of manufacturers:

  • Engineering, manufacture, supply, and service maintenance for the mining industry and metallurgy.
  • Production and supply of spare parts and components for mining equipment.
  • Manufacture of metal structures and equipment for construction, power-generating, steelmaking, mining, beneficiation, and mechanical engineering facilities.
  • Production of heavy and large castings for various industries.

Today, UZTM-KARTEX is the leading manufacturer of equipment for mining, construction, power-generating, and steelmaking industries. Equipment made by UZTM-KARTEX is working in 40 countries around the world, including neighbouring Uzbekistan, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan.

Main products of UZTM-KARTEX

Earth-moving machinery for mining industry (electrical, rope-driven, walking, and hydraulic machines). The company supplies more than 50 machines per annum to Russian and foreign mining companies.

Crushing and milling equipment with various ratings and modifications. Stock of orders for the years 2019-2020 is more than 50 crushing and milling units.

Mine hoists. This is a new product of the company. The first machine is commissioned in 2019.

Heavy bridge cranes. More than 70 cranes will be manufactured in 2019-2020.

Drilling rigs of our make are successfully operated in 10 countries around the world. Designed for drilling horizontal and inclined blast holes in the development of deposits of iron ore, diamonds, non-ferrous metal ores, coal and other minerals.

Converters for metallurgy.

Steel castings.

The group takes a leading position in the Russian market of rope excavators.

UZTM 55% - Sales in the RF UZTM 55% - Sales in the RF Foreign manufacturers 23% Foreign manufacturers 23% IZ-KARTEX 22% - Sales in the RF IZ-KARTEX 22% - Sales in the RF 77% Sales in the RF

In 2018, UZTM-KARTEX takes a leading position in the market of new CGEs (crushing and grinding equipment).

UZTM 50% - Sales in the RF UZTM 50% - Sales in the RF Foreign manufacturers 50% Foreign manufacturers 50% 50% Sales in the RF

UZTM-KARTEX began production of mine hoisting machines in 2018, having occupied 36% of the heavy bridge cranes market in Russia at the end of the year.

UZTM 36% - Sales in the RF UZTM 36% - Sales in the RF Foreign manufacturers 64% Foreign manufacturers 64% 36% Sales in the RF

Production facilities

Production facilities of UZTM-KARTEX are equipped with modern high-tech equipment. The company is investing more than 10 billion rubles in the technical modernization of its production facilities, digitalization of processes, and industrial safety.

Our priorities

Product quality meeting the requirements of international standards.
The main goal of UZTM-KARTEX is to produce competitive products that meet consumer expectations.

High level of service offered for our products. Our strategy is to provide customers with prompt, highly qualified technical support throughout the life cycle of our machines.

Social responsibility

UZTM-KARTEX takes part in forming a positive social environment in the cities where its operations are located. It provides sustainable employment for more than 6000 workers in Ekaterinburg, St.-Petersburg, and Orsk.