Foundry manufacturing

Branche of IZ-KARTEX – Foundry Manufacturing is the only Russian producer of large-size castings (up to 370 t) has its base in Kolpino (Saint-Petersburg).

The enterprise was formed on the basis of foundry shops of Izhora plant, which dates back to the century XVIII.

Foundry Manufacturing produces steel castings for industries:

  • Shipbuilding
  • General machinery
  • Equipment for NPPs
  • Mining
  • Metallurgy
  • Petrochemical and other sectors

Unique production facilities of Foundry Manufacturing allow producing cast parts of 150 kg to 370 t in weight and maximum overall dimensions up to 4,000 mm in height, 6,300 mm in width (diameter), and 12,000 mm in length, of various steel grades. Foundry Manufacturing offers full process chain for production of steel castings – from development of foundry technology to supply of finished pieces to cover customers' requirements.

To date Foundry Manufacturing can annually produce up to 35,000 tons of steel castings; it holds leading positions in production of steel castings in the Russian Federation.

In May 2007 OMZ-Special Steels LLC carried out reorganization and spun off its foundry facilities to form a separate structure OMZ-Foundry Manufacturing LLC.

In December 2017 OMZ-Foundry Manufacturing passed under control of UK UZTM-KARTEX LLC.

On 30 August 2019 OMZ-Foundry Manufacturing LLC was merged with IZ-KARTEX LLC named after P.G. Korobkov as an affiliate.

The major customers of Foundry Manufacturing include enterprises of UZTM-KARTEX Group ("Uralmashplant" JSC and IZ-KARTEX LLC named after P.G. Korobkov), Rosatom, Tyazhmash JSC, Ural Turbine Works, Uralkhimmash, Admiralty Shipyards JSC, Hensley Industries, Amur Shipbuilding Plant, and other companies.

Photo of production facilities

Foundry Manufacturing, affiliate of IZ-KARTEX implements an investment program that provides for reequipment of facilities for heat treatment and finishing operations. The facilities will be equipped with new heat-treatment furnace for 300 t (Bosio, Slovenia), which will replace the old equipment, furnace for 70 t with two hardening tanks. The production site is already equipped with an up-to-date casting-degating hammer, modern shot-blasting unit (Siapro, Slovenia).

Quality certificates

  • Year 1959. Design and construction of steel-casting foundry facilities (shop No. 38) began.

    Large portion of foundation for columns of moulding and charging shop building was laid, the design developed provided for further extension and upgrade of the foundry, process elements were distributed among buildings.

  • Years 1960s. The enterprise began to form the department of foundry technologies, use contemporary technologies for production of steel castings for mining shovels. To help the beginning casters Uralmashplant, which already organized manufacture of shovels, sent specialists to Kolpino.

  • Year 1962. Stage I of the new shop No. 18 (at present, moulding area of shop No. 38) was commissioned.

  • October 1963. The enterprise finalized installation of 5-ton electric arc furnace – the first one in the new building.

  • 26 December 1963. The State Commission signed the certificate of acceptance for the first stage of the steel-casting foundry rated at 30 thousand tons of castings per year. Casting the first mould followed soon after.

  • Year 1966. The enterprise began a series of investigations aimed at heat insulation of steel casting gates using expanded pearlite and other materials with low heat-retaining capability; in cooperation with the department of foundry technologies the enterprise carries out a series of tests to ease production medium-alloy steel castings.

  • End of 1960s. Development of processes to produce castings for energy transforming machines, in particular, castings for hydraulic turbines, implementation of processes to produce heavy large-size castings. Geography of supplies includes: hydroelectric PS in Krasnoyarsk, Kakhovka, Dneprodzerzhinsk, Cheboksary, Riga, Shamkir (Uzbekistan) and on Zeya; and foreign hydroelectric PS Tabka (Syria), Sobradiño (Argentine), Mica (Canada), Capivara (Brazil), El Cajon (Mexico), Zipingpu (China), Koteshwar (India), TERI (France). Largest supplier of this product.

  • 1970s. Foundry Manufacturing produces the first equipment for NPPs with water-water reactor (VVER) of 210 thousand and 440 thousand kW, VVER-1000 reactor vessels (1 million kW); it organizes the work to develop the process for manufacture of steel castings for NP facilities.

    Foundry Manufacturing launched production of shipbuilding castings with large surfaces, large size (up to 10 m) and significant variations in thickness (up to 600 mm).

  • Year 1985. Order for upgrade of casting facilities: construction of machine-operated moulding line to produce moulding boxes of 3.3x3.0 m in size, new sand shop in the main building, and building for preparation of dry silica sand with an area for preparation of alumina-silicate binding agent using sodium silicate. The order also provided for the following: additional shot-blasting / shot-jetting chambers for cleaning of castings in the fettling shop; an area for reclamation of molding sand and chamber for cleaning of castings using electrohydraulic effect in the hydroblasting building; erection of fourth electric arc furnace for 12 tons in EAF shop.

  • Year 1987. Commissioning of arc furnace DSP-12.

  • Year 1989. Commissioning of building for acceptance and preparation of dry silica sand with four bins.

  • Years 1990s. Foundry Manufacturing starts production of new product types: steel castings of heat resistant steels for steam and gas turbines.

  • Year 2007. Foundry Manufacturing together with Izhora plant became part of Unite Heavy Machinery Group (as OMZ-Foundry Manufacturing).