History of Uralmashplant

Uralmashplant (aka UZTM), the largest Russian manufacturer of equipment for metallurgy and mining engineering, with its almost 90-year history is the oldest enterprise of the UZTM-KARTEX group.

During the prewar period, Uralmashplant developed and manufactured unique machines to custom designs for major national mining and metallurgical enterprises. The plant produced the first electric mining shovel, first domestic gyratory crusher, and first sintering machine; specialists and workers of UZTM built all this equipment within the shortest time.

In 2016, Uralmashplant together with IZ-KARTEX and OMZ-Foundry joined the managing company UZTM-KARTEX.

Today, Uralmashplant preserves leadership in manufacture of equipment for metallurgy and mining industries. Machines and equipment manufactured at Uralmashplant successfully work at most of Russian mining and metallurgical enterprises.

Uralmashplant, the only Russian manufacturer of walking draglines and induration machines, continuously improves its product line, commercializes both new models and radically new machinery.

Main products:

Electric mining shovels, Walking draglines, Hydraulic excavators NEW

Crushing and milling equipment

Mine hoists NEW

Heavy overhead cranes for metallurgy and shipbuilding NEW

Converters for metallurgy

In 2018, Uralmashplant started implementation of an investment program that provides for a large-scale upgrade of the Company's production facilities, digitalization of production processes to contribute to multiple increase in productivity and quality improvement of equipment produced.

Uralmashplant JSC is participating in the national project “Efficient labor”.

The efforts of the company are focused on two main areas: optimization of process flows in the manufacture of crushing equipment and mine hoists, and development of corporate continuous improvement culture.

By participating in this project the company will train its employees in the use of lean manufacturing tools and, which is the most important, increase the efficiency of labor.

Subsidiaries of Uralmashplant JSC

Managing company Industrial Park URALMASH, LLC

Rental services.

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Svyaz 19, LLC

Range of telecommunication services for plant subdivisions and third parties.

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PZhT-55, LLC

Range of railway services for plant subdivisions and third parties.

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Energosnabzhayuschaya Kompaniya, LLC

Power supply services.

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Product conformity documents

During the wartime, the plant was awarded with Challenge Red Banner 27 times, and in 1946 the State Defense Committee prescribed to leave the banner with the plant for safe keeping in perpetuity.

Uralmashplant received 11 state awards of USSR and socialist countries

1934 year

In December, the first set of sintering machine equipment was shipped to the Kuznetsk k Iron and steel Works.

1936 year

The first ball mill was shipped in May, and the first 3 cu. m electric shovel M-IV-E was successfully tested. In June of the same year, the first jaw crusher was manufactured.

1938 year

Uralmashplant supplied the first gyratory crusher with a throughput of 1500...2000 tph

1945 year

The first drilling rig was manufactured. A radically new model Uralmash-3D, i.e. diesel rig, third model, appeared in 1951.

1949 year

At Uralmashplant was manufactured the first model of walking dragline ESH 14.65, and the design engineers were awarded the Stalin Prize of the first grade for its development. На Уралмашзаводе изготовлена первая модель шагающего экскаватора – ЭШ 14.65, за создание конструкции драглайна инженерам-конструкторам была присуждена Сталинская премия первой степени. In April, UZTM manufactured a unique rail-and-structural steel mill (range of heavy presses).

1950 year

The first pipe-rolling mill to produce hot-rolled seamless pipe by UZTM appeared.

1964 year

On May 26, the Skolkovo-Sarbaisky GOK (Kazakhstan) commissioned the first induction machine.

2019 year

In august, Gaisky GOK commissioned the first mine winder manufactured by Uralmashplant.

During the postwar time, Uralmashplant resumed manufacture of peacetime products – equipment for metallurgy and mining engineering.

  • Already in May 1947, the plant produced the first shovel SE-3, which marked the emergence of the national school of heavy-shovel building. Uralmashplant produced shovels before the war, but those were mere imitations of foreign machinery. In the postwar time, Uralmash specialists began to seek for their own radically new way based on the design procedures developed by Russian specialists. SE-3, prototype of modern electric mining shovels EKG, was the first electric shovel in world practice equipped with independent travel mechanism drive; the power of main drives increased, whereas the weight of the shovel decreased by 11 %.
  • All large Russian iron and steel works are equipped with high-performance blooming and rolling mills, continuous casting machines bearing UZTM trademark.

Uralmashplant is the only Russian designer and supplier of straight-grate induration machines. Presses with UZTM trademark are used for various industrial applications: metallurgy; production of aircrafts, rocket carriers, defense equipment, construction materials; shipbuilding. Up to now, the fleet of drilling rigs manufactured by Uralmash still remains in operation to ensure major part of oil and gas production.

The unique history of the leader of heavy machine building with lots of records, advanced technology solutions and developments is closely associated with the development of our country.

During wartime, the Ural region became the center of tank building in the USSR, and Uralmashplant ranked high in it.

Under the leadership of Boris Muzrukov, UZTM had to provide the Kirov plant in Chelyabinsk with armored tank hulls. The plant had only two months for the reorganization.

Stalin personally sent the following telegram addressed to the plant managers "I ask that you honestly and timely fulfill the orders for supply of hulls for KV tanks. Now I ask and hope that you discharge your duty to the Motherland...".

  • Thanks to the experience of Boris Muzrukov and under his competent leadership the enterprise organized continuous production of military equipment in the shortest possible time. In peacetime, the tasks fulfilled by Uralmash would have required no less than a year.

  • During the World War II, Uralmashplant produced over 19,000 armoured tank hulls, 30,000 field and tank guns, 5,500 tanks and self-propelled guns. To honour Boris Muzrukov, a monument was installed to him in the district of Uralmash, Ekaterinburg, in 2005.

  • Uralmash produced the last self-propelled gun SU-100 in 1946. This tank destroyer was placed on a pedestal in the form of a rock in the territory of the plant on 8 September 1946 to honour the labor feat of Uralmash workers during the World War II.