Drum hoists

We manufacture three versions of drum hoists: C – cylindrical single-drum, CS – cylindrical single-drum with split drum, 2C – cylindrical double-drum.

Depending on winding tool diameter, the drum hoists are divided into small and medium ones – with the drums diameter from 1,2 to 3,5 m and large ones – with diameter from 4 to 7 m.

The hoists with two cylindrical drums ( 2C and UCR type) are used for single-layer and multi-layer winding at skip and cage hoisting as well as for single-conveyance counter-balanced hoisting.

Cylindrical drum hoists allow three-layer winding on drum (excluding the split drum hoists).

Double-drum winding tools allow hoisting from several levels and have more rope capacity compared to single-drum ones. Each head rope of mine hoists with two cylindrical drums is serviced by a separate drum. Moreover, one drum is rigidly connected with the hoist shaft, while another is shift one, which is equipped with special shift mechanism, that is different from the shaft and connected with the latter again after its’ turn by any angle.

The winding of the rope on the split drum can made only in one layer (the winding on single- and double-drum tools may be a multi-layer one).

We consider manufacturing of any standard sizes of drum hoists.

Technical characteristics UCR-6.75Х6.2/1.95 U2C-6.3Х2.8
Location of equipment Surface
Drum diameter, mm 6750 6300
Conveyance type Skip-skip
Number of ropes 2 2
Capacity, tn 15 16
Max. hoisting velocity, m/s 15 16
Motor power, кW 4800 5000
Hoist height, m 1477 1450
Brakes type Hydraulic disc

The process of mine hoists design starts with study and verification of initial technical requirements. Uralmashplant engineering center is equipped with modern software, which allows us to reduce the cycle (from task assignment to obtaining a result) and increase the labour productivity and product quality.

The next stage is the calculation of loads on mine hoist mechanical equipment, drives and brakes. We pay particular attention to this process. The specialists of engineering calculations and analysis center perform calculations for static, dynamic and fatigue strength of mine hoists equipment, by means of modern software platforms, using finite element method. Engineering calculations allow us to simulate processes and operation and identify the areas of maximum stresses, fatigue limit of a part, predict the service life of mine hoists.


Mine hoists parts are domestically manufactured by Uralmashplant, including the use of the advanced machining centers by leading global manufacturers. The materials used for manufacturing of main units and parts of mine hoists are similar or surpass the known analogues. Every part of mine  hoist is controlled at all stages of designing and manufacturing. We use a number of original designs and process solutions in сourse of manufacturing of our structures.


We test all manufactured mine hoists at a specialized workbench  with the participation of representatives of customer company.

Mine hoists with drum winding tools consist of the main part, drive and brake system. The main part includes the main shaft assembly with a drum (drums), actuators и drives of braking devices. The drums shift mechanism is mounted on the main shaft.

The drum assembly

Is composed of two equal parts which are fastened with high-strength fasteners. It is made of welded steel structure.

Gear coupling assembly

For transmission of torque from the electric motor to the shaft

Drum shift mechanism

It is used to shift the drum in order to adjust the skip suspension from different levels

Drive electric motor

Headframe sheave assembly

Brake rack of hydraulic brake system

Production and operation statistics


In operation

Manufactured since 2017

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