Single-toggle jaw crushers (SchDS)

Single-toggle jaw crushers are designed for the primary crushing of brittle (non-ductile) ore and other materials with ultimate compression strength of up to 300 MPa and moisture content of up to 5%.

The capacity of these crushers is not less than the capacity of double-toggle crushers (manufactured by Uralmashplant since 2010); however the single-toggle crushers are more compact, less heavy, and easier in transportation. These features make it possible to use these crushers in limited space applications like mine crushing chambers or in-pit crushing and handling plants.

Crushers made by Uralmashplant are designed individually basing on the customers' technical requirements, infrastructural conditions of the customers' works, parameters of processed material, etc. The SchDS crushers made by Uralmashplant have significantly lower owning costs as compared with the similar crushers offered by international suppliers due to the use of locally-made fast-wearing parts and components.

All single-toggle crushers offered by Uralmashplant are equipped with advanced automated control system for the monitoring and remote adjustment of crusher performance parameters.

Specifications SchDS-9х12U SchDS-12х14U SchDS-15х20U
Width of feed opening, mm 1400 1400 2000
Length of feed opening, mm 1200 1200 1500
Max. feed lump size, mm 1000 1000 1200
Width of discharge opening, mm 125…250 125…250 175…300
Capacity (within the discharge opening adjustment range), t/h 170…610 350…880 630…1430
Product size (within the discharge opening adjustment range), mm 105…300 185…375 260…450
Drive motor: capacity/voltage, kW/V 160/380 200/380 400/380
Working weight of the delivered set of equipment without spares, t 30 60 140
Lubrication system Automatic grease lubrication system
Bearing temperature monitoring Temperature sensors
Discharge opening adjustment Mechanical/hydraulic (option)
Tensioning unit Mechanical/hydropneumatic (option)

When designing a crusher, our specialists pay special attention to the analyses of strength of crusher parts and assemblies. The specialists of the center of engineering simulation and analysis use modern software tools for performing finite-element analyses of static, dynamic, and fatigue strength of crusher parts. The operation of a crusher in different conditions taking into account the dynamics of granular media with complex particle geometry (feedstock) is simulated using the discrete elements method. Design calculations make it possible to estimate the service life of the main crusher assemblies of at least 15 years.

Advanced software tools used in combination with sensors and transducers allow our engineers to create a digital copy of a crusher for the accurate monitoring and prediction of condition of its components.


The parts of a SchDS crusher are manufactured in the own production facilities of Uralmashplant JSC on modern machining centers of the world's leading manufacturers. Construction materials of main crusher parts and assemblies are similar or better in quality as compared with well-known material grades. Cast parts of the crusher are produced in modern foundry (a member of UZTM-KARTEX group). Our manufacturer of cast crusher parts uses software casting modeling tools for producing high-quality castings. The quality of every part of the SchDS crusher is controlled on each stage of design and production activities.


All crushers made by our company undergo factory tests on a unique patented testing stand in presence of the customer's representatives. During the tests, 15 performance parameters of the crusher (including the temperature of bearings, smooth movement, etc.) are checked.

Modular frame

The frame is mounted on shock-absorbing supports. The front and the rear walls are assembled with the side plates on precision cylindrical journal. The side walls are made of high-strength steel.

The crushing plates

Made of wear-resistant manganese steel. The plates can be turned around or interchanged to ensure the rational use.

The rear wall

The cast from alloyed steel.

The front wall

The cast from alloyed steel.

The body of the jaw

The cast from alloyed steel.

Production and operation statistics


In operation

Manufactured since 2021

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