EVRAZ KGOK Commissions Mining Shovel Manufactured by IZ-KARTEX

Published date: 21 november 2022

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The main opencast mine of EVRAZ KGOK started to operate a mining shovel with a bucket capacity of 12 cubic meters manufactured by IZ-KARTEX (St. Petersburg, part of the UZTM-KARTEX Group). This is the second shovel of this type at the plant. This September the company commissioned the first one in the Severny opencast mine. The cost of two machines exceeds 600 million rubles.

EKG-12K is made of high-strength steel grades, so the body is able to withstand high dynamic loads. The driver's cab features high comfort, improved field of view to the working area. The cab is equipped with a vibration-isolated seat, heating and cooling systems, air filters to remove dust and gases, and window-heating system.

Already at site, EVRAZ KGOK upgraded the machine; the users installed a software package Geology. The real-time software displays the detail structure of rock at the bench. The system uses red color to highlight banks of ore, and yellow color to mark the overburden. The data and diagnostics system keeps the operator informed of the operating parameters of the machine.

"The received equipment has proven itself well in the excavation of hard ore on the benches of the opencast mines of our plant. Used with 240-ton dump trucks, the new shovels demonstrate high efficiency and ensure the achievement of production targets," says Denis Novozhenov, EVRAZ Vice President, Head of the Ural Division.

"We are pleased that cooperation with our strategic partner, EVRAZ, is mutually beneficial and continues in many areas. By the end of this year, IZ-KARTEX will supply EVRAZ KGOK with another EKG-15M shovel with increased unit capacity; and Uralmashplant will soon complete the manufacture of high-performance ball mills for the enterprise. EVRAZ successfully operates three similar units already," said Evgeny Rakov, Deputy General Director for Strategy and Development of UZTM-KARTEX.

The re-equipment allows EVRAZ KGOK to maintain and improve the efficiency of mining operations. It adds comfort to employees throughout the shift.