Shovel by IZ-KARTEX Starts Operation in Kazakhstan

Published date: 19 december 2022

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In compliance with the phased program of renewal of capital assets, Bogatyr Komir, the major coal-mining company of Kazakhstan, commissioned new shovel EKG-15M manufactured by IZ-KARTEX named after P.G. Korobkov LLC (part of UZTM-KARTEX Group).

To satisfy the customer's request the shovel was equipped with 18 cu. m bucket instead of 15 cu. m one to significantly increase the performance. According to the press service of Bogatyr Komir, EKG-15M perfectly suits the operations with 130-ton trucks: technical parameters of the shovel provide for an efficient advance of the coal face.

The commissioned EKG-15 became the second machine purchased from the manufacturer this year.  This June the strip mine of Bogatyr successfully commissioned an EKG-12K.