Foundry Manufacturing Increases Number of Molding Jackets

Published date: 16 december 2022

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Foundry Manufacturing, subsidiary of IZ-KARTEX LLC (part of UZTM-KARTEX Group, Saint-Petersburg), commissioned the new molding jacket.

The jacket intended for production of large-size castings up to 6 m in length and height will allow increasing the output of steel castings for machine-building enterprises of the Group and companies from the power machine building sector.

'Similar to previous jackets, the new one was made using special concrete. Thanks to this material the structure will resist the thermal impact when pouring steel melts. It means that the jacket will be reliable and durable,' says Andrey Tkachenko, senior specialist of the technical development department.

This is the fifth jacket, which has been constructed at Foundry Manufacturing since 2021. Now the enterprise uses 10 jackets for casting. The largest of them (8 m in depth, 10 m in width and length) was constructed at the beginning of the year. It is used for molding steel products over 200 t in mass.