Foundry Manufacturing Now Has a New Quench Cooling System

Published date: 09 december 2022

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Foundry Manufacturing (UZTM-KARTEX Group) implements a new quench cooling system under the investment program for upgrade of production facilities. The system will provide for a higher quality of heat treatment of the products.

The new system is installed on the quenching tank for castings up to 20 t in weight located in the Heat treatment and fettling shop. Up to this time, water for cooling the products during the heat treatment was delivered from the cooling tower that supplies water to several shops of the production site. Occasionally, the water had no time to cool down sufficiently, and the warmer water could substantially affect the quality of castings produced of some steels, e.g. manganese steels. To preclude this, specialists of the Foundry Manufacturing had to implement various solutions such as to drain insufficiently cool water, add fresh water, etc.

The implementation of the local cooling system for the quenching tank, which was developed by the New Technologies Company, will allow the foundry men to speed water cooling and automatically control its temperature. The system consists of eight small cooling towers of 2x2 m in size installed on the shop ramp.

The first tests and preliminary quenching confirmed that the equipment successfully operates; it allowed achieving the required water temperature.