Construction of nuclear-powered icebreaker Leader Atomenergomash JSC and UK UZTM-KARTEX form an alliance to take part in tender for supplies

Published date: 23 september 2020

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Under the auspices of the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom, their machine-building assets, Atomenergomash JSC and UK UZTM-KARTEX LLC, join forces and create an alliance to tender for supply of steel hull castings for the construction of the world's most powerful atomic icebreaker Leader (LK –120) within the project 10510.

Yan Tsenter, CEO of the UZTM-KARTEX Group, and Alexander Rantsev, first deputy general director of nuclear energy and new businesses of Atomenergomash JSC, signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation, which declared readiness of the companies to make preparations for the tender, to jointly work on supply of large-size hull castings to the shipbuilder SSC "Zvezda", and other activities.

In the nearest future, the companies plan to audit each other and confirm the production facilities of the Alliance members by defining their areas of responsibility.

One of the main targets of the Alliance is to timely ensure availability of equipment necessary for building of the lead nuclear icebreaker. The companies will combine their financial, production, and organizational capabilities to increase the efficiency of the shipbuilding process and supply high-quality modern construction materials for the shipbuilding.

The public authority in charge of this construction project is Rosatom State Corporation represented by FSUE Atomflot. The lead nuclear icebreaker is to be built by the end of 2027.