IZ-KARTEX Foundry ships the first castings for Leader icebreaker

Published date: 28 december 2021

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The branch of IZ-KARTEX, the IZ-KARTEX Foundry (a member of UZTM-KARTEX group) has shipped the castings for ten sternpost parts to be used in the construction of the world's largest and most powerful icebreaker Leader 10510.  

The castings of the sternpost (a strong beam at the stern of a vessel bearing the rudder) will be welded in three sections and then in a single high-strength assembly at the Zvezda SSK shipyard where the icebreaker is being assembled.  The total weight of the sternpost will be 121.6 tons.

All castings have been accepted by the specialists of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping as well as the technical specialists of the Zvezda shipyard.

Today, the Foundry continues the production of other parts for the Leader icebreaker: a stempost (a structure at the stem of a vessel consisting of 12 parts), and two solid-cast inner starboard and port propeller struts.  

A new large deep casting pit is being built at the Foundry specially for the casting of the struts. These castings will be the largest castings ever made by the Foundry: the net weight of each strut will be 216 tons.  

The total weight of castings made by the Foundry for the Leader icebreaker is 710 tons.  

The Leader is an icebreaker with displacement above 70 thousand tons capable of moving through 5 meter-thick ice.  The ship is designed for 8 month of independent operation. It is the first vessel of such size in the world. The aim of this project is to ensure the all-year use of the Northern Sea Route for the transportation of cargo and expeditions to the Arctic.