IZ-KARTEX masters production of gearboxes for various machines

Published date: 06 november 2020

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“IZ-KARTEX” LLC (part of UK UZTM-KARTEX, St. Petersburg,) that is one of Russian leading manufacturers of mining shovels completed a comprehensive program aimed at re-equipment of production facilities. The enterprise has started its implementation since 2012.

UK UZTM-KARTEX enterprise in St. Petersburg started commercial operation of gantry-type machining center PAMA VERTIRAM 2000GT MC. The center will be used to machine main components of mining shovels such as crawler frames, swing gear & bearing assembly and gear casings.

This is the final stage of the large-scale program implemented to renew IZ-KARTEX machine-tool fleet. During eight years, the company invested about 4.7 billion rubles in development of production and purchased more than 30 machine tools from leading world's manufacturers.

“The investment program not only solves current problems as improvement of productivity and quality of excavating equipment that is our company main product, but also allows us to develop new segments, such as production of complex gearboxes for mining shovels, lifting and handling equipment, including those intended for cranes and vessels of all types," comments Andrey Strekalov, Executive Director of IZ-KARTEX.