IZ-KARTEX supplies modernized EKG-20KM to Uzbekistan

Published date: 03 august 2020

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P.G. Korobkov IZ-KARTEX (a member of the UZTM-KARTEX group) completed the manufacture of a modernized power shovel EKG-20KM (equipped with a 25 cub. meter capacity bucket unlike the serial EKG-20K model). The machine will be shipped to the customer, Amalykskiy GMK JSC (AGMK, Uzbekistan) in the first decade of August.    

A contract between Amalykskiy GMK and IZ-KARTEX for the supply of sixteen EKG-20K-class machines was signed in the end of the previous year.  AGMK are buying new equipment for the implementation of their investment project "Development of Yoshlik-I minefield".

Since the beginning of the year the company located in St.-Petersburg has shipped three EKG-20K machines to the customer.   The fourth machine which is planned to be shipped in the first decade of August is the modernized EKG-20K model, an EKG-20KM.  One of the main features of the new model is its improved bucket capacity  (to 25 cubic meters) making it possible to efficiently use the new machine with 220-ton dump trucks reducing the loading cycle to four or five buckets.  

According to the lead project designer of IZ-KARTEX, Mr. Andrey Emelianov, changes have also been made in the design of the main units to enhance the load-bearing capacity of the frontal equipment (the boom, the handle, and the A-frame). The machine, as all other serial excavating machines made by IZ-KARTEX, is equipped with a modern automated diagnostic system for mechanical and electrical equipment, a fire-fighting system, and a video-monitoring system. The machine will also be provided with a Red Kill Zone system to ensure safe operation during nighttime.

All main units of the EKG-20KM, including the carriage and the rotary platform frame, are highly unified with the EKG-15M, the EKG-18R, and the EKG-20K models as regards their design and the parts and blanks required for their maintenance.   

The carriage, the rotary platform, the roller circle, and the gearbox unit of the machine had successfully passed factory acceptance testing before the shipment.  

"The commercial launch of an improved rope shovel model is a very important event for us as the manufacturer and for the users of our products as well.  When developing the EKG-20KM we used the most advanced design solutions available based on our experience in the operation of our machines in actual working conditions considering the specific features of a certain open-cast mine," says the chief designer of IZ-KARTEX, Mr. Dmitriy Melnikov.  

At the moment the EKG-20KM is the only modernized model in the project of supply of power shovels to Uzbekistan. A decision regarding the manufacture of more such machines under the contract will be taken basing on the results of the trial operation of the EKG-20KM machine at the customer's site.   

Today three more EKG-20K machines that shall be supplied to AGMK till the end of the year 2020 are being manufactured by IZ-KARTEX.  

Picture: Factory testing of the main units of the modernized EKG-20KM power shovel model.