MR-200 to be tested at IZ-KARTEX site roller-bit drilling rig

Published date: 08 Jun 2021

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IZ-KARTEX began factory tests of diesel roller-bit drilling rig MR-200. The rig is designed for blasthole drilling of vertical and directional boreholes of 170-250 mm in diameter in the course of open pit mining of deposits. This is new equipment in the enterprise product line.

IZ-KARTEX designed the drilling rig MR-200 in partnership with New Technologies of Western Siberia LLC. It is planned that the new equipment will compete with the equipment of foreign manufacturers, which today occupy the entire Russian segment of the market for diesel-hydraulic roller-bit drilling rigs of the middle class.

At the end of May, the initial engine start-up was successfully completed as part of the factory tests of the new rig. Today, it is being additionally adjusted and tuned together with the electrical system. The installation of hydraulic and electrical equipment also is near completion. One of these days, the hydraulic system will be filled to check the auxiliary functions of the MR-200: raising and locking the mast in vertical position, assembly and disassembly of the drill string, etc. In addition, adjustment of the control system will take place.

The MR-200 incorporates modern design and process solutions. Thus, the main and auxiliary mechanisms of the rig feature fully hydraulic drives, the latter permit to significantly reduce their weight compared to similar units with electric drives. Special mast locking devices enable the rig to perform directional drilling at an angle of 30° maximum. MR-200 is equipped with an ergonomic cabin; special vibration-proof LED floodlights with improved reliability are provided for face lightening.