New investment program is approved for the modernization of Uralmashplant production facilities

Published date: 20 Jul 2020

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UZTM-KARTEX group is ready to commence the second stage of modernization of Uralmashplant production facilities. About 1.3 billion rubles will be invested in the retrofitting of the production site and setting-up new facilities.

The new investment program implemented with the help of the main shareholder of the company, Gazprombank JSC. The program includes the construction of two independent gas boiler houses (14 MW and 5 MW) at the factory territory and the retrofitting of the bays in the shop block 12. Mr. Dmitriy Utkin (the head of the buildings and structures service department) told us: "Under the compaction program implemented at Uralmashplant the shop block 12 will be retrofitted to accommodate one of the factory shops as well as new storage areas".

The program also covers the modernization of production facilities. A new automated turning-and-boring mill with 7.5m diameter table will be procured for machining works, and one gear-milling machine will be equipped with a CNC control system. The scope of works also includes repairs in the shops and office premises. 

Additional funds will make it possible to set-up two new areas at the machining works: a high-frequency current hardening area and a babbitting area.   

"The new investment program is aimed to ensure the improvement of product quality and reduce production costs including logistics and energy costs. The achievement of these goals strengthens the competitive ability of the factory at the mining equipment market," says Mr. Alexey Kozxhemyako, the First Deputy CEO of Uralmashplant JSC.   

The UZTM-KARTEX group (Uralmashplant JSC is a member of this group since 2016) is engaged in the modernization of the factory production facilities since 2018. The first 2 billion rubles investment program is nearing completion: five fully automated precision machining centers have been commissioned at the factory works, 11 machines have been completely modernized, and new welding equipment has been procured for the welding works (20 new Fronius semi-automatic welding machines and 4 welding tractors). Also an orbital welding machine and a shot-blasting chamber have been commissioned in this year.      

At this moment, the construction of a foundation for a painting and drying chamber equipped with movable painter platforms and capable of drying under the temperature of up to 60°С is under way; and the erection of an automatic welding and depositing center is nearing completion.