UK UZTM-KARTEX Upgrades Manufacturing Facilities in Orsk

Published date: 21 september 2020

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UZTM-KARTEX Group completed the first investment project at its site in Orsk – “Uralmash - Mining Equipment” LLC. The company launched new compressed-air supply system to production sites of the plant.

Altogether, the company installed 8 new stations manufactured by Atlas Copco (Belgium) with capacity of 15 m3/min. each. The units were grouped in the smelting, machining and metal-structure fabrication shops.

Up to now, the company used one turbocompressor with a capacity of 250 m3/min to compress and supply atmospheric air for operation of pneumatic equipment, drying and painting and shotblasting chambers. The air was distributed to manufacture sites through inter-shop pipelines, where condensate formed in the compressed air in winter. According to Alexander Sapsay, chief engineer of Uralmash - Mining Equipment, the local system eliminates this problem.

 “New stations fully cover the current production needs for compressed air, allow varying its supply, and controlling the electric power consumption. During operation of the new equipment, we proved that we can significantly reduce the energy costs,” comments Alexander Sapsay.

 Alexander also noted that the upgraded air-supply system would also contribute to the quality of plant equipment operation.