Unique crusher made by Uralmashplant is commissioned at Karelskiy Okatysh

Published date: 06 august 2020

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Karelskiy Okatysh commissioned a unique secondary cone crusher KSD-3000/1500. Its throughput is 1500 tph, i.e. 200 tons more than that of its predecessor KSD-1000/1200. The new crusher will increase the output of the plant by 4800 tpd.

The design engineers of Uralmashplant incorporated up-to-date know-how and technologies into it. The equipment features an intelligent automation system. Now the workers need not walk down to the oil basement or call the operator to check operation of the equipment. The touch screen displays oil temperature, level and pressure, temperature of bearings, amplitude of damping, and throughput in real time.

'The distinguishing features of KSD-3000/1500 are new crushing cavity and reinforced shock-absorption system to produce finer product. The hydraulic discharge-opening adjustment device is also an important feature of the crusher. The previous KSD crushers had no such function and the workers had to manually reinstall heavy components of hydraulic pushers to adjust the discharge opening. Now the specialists will need to press several buttons on the control panel to adjust the discharge opening by hydraulic motors,' said Alexey Lesonen, crushing section manager at Karelskiy Okatysh.

The new crusher was specially designed to suit process requirements at Karelskiy Okatysh. One more similar crusher is to be mounted in September.

From press release by Karelskiy Okatysh