Uralmashplant Modernizes its Flagship Machine

Published date: 30 Sep 2019

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Uralmashplant JSC (UZTM) commenced the production of the modernized version of its flagship power shovel model EKG-18 developed together with the specialists of UK Kuzbassrazrezugol.  Qualitative changes aimed to increase its reliability, service life, and safety are introduced in the design of most of the main units of the machine.

The EKG-18 is the serial rope mining shovel model supplied by Uralmashplant since 2011. The new, modified version of this model, the EKG-18M, is developed taking into account the eight years' experience of operating these machines at the customers' mines.

According to the chief designer of rope shovels, Mr. Dmitriy Melnikov, the new model received an improved bucket door mechanism that allows reducing the truck loading cycle. The modernization also included the improvement of the yoke manufacturing process, and design improvements of the boom and the carriage. The housing of the modernized model has improved sealing and safety, and the cabin provides for the better comfort of the operator.

There are also some new options in the information system of the machine, namely a "Help" function which displays manuals and drawings of the machine assemblies for the machine operator. A boom jacking protection system is also provided for protecting metal structures and ropes from premature wear.

At the same time Uralmashplant implements activities aimed at improving the quality of products including the development of stricter requirements to suppliers and additional quality control of machine parts at all stages of the production process.

The modernization of the EKG-18 is conducted with the direct participation of the experts of UK Kuzbassrazrezugol (UMMC holding), which is the largest customer of these machines; it operates 10 power shovels of this type. According to Mr. Dmitriy Melnikov, the design of the EKG-18M takes into account all customers' requirements to the machine as well as the eight years' experience of monitoring the operations of the machine in field conditions.

"Any machine, as reliable as it may be and despite its high performance values, needs to be continuously improved. Our aim is to create reliable, user friendly, and easy in operation power shovel fully fulfilling the client's needs," says Mr. Melnikov.