Uralmashplant supplies a set of cranes for a nuclear power plant in India

Published date: 23 july 2020

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Uralmashplant JSC (a member of the UZTM-KARTEX group) is ready to complete the shipment of the first of two trestle cranes for the units 3 and 4 of Kudankulam NPP (India). The equipment has successfully passed factory acceptance testing witnessed by the representatives of the customer. 

The trestle crane with the lifting capacity of 350+190/32 tons will be used in the construction of the third NPP unit, running and capital repairs of the unit, and will handle different loads (including nuclear materials) from the ground level to the level of the transport airlock of the reactor containment.   

The equipment had undergone factory acceptance testing (including check assembly and functional tests of the crane mechanisms) witnessed by the representatives of the customer and authorized supervising authority before the shipment.   

Uralmash shall manufacture three more units for the Indian NPP until the end of the first quarter of 2021, viz. one more trestle crane (it is already being prepared for testing) and two refueling machines.   

Uralmashplant is participating in the Kudankulam NPP construction project since the year 2002. Previously the factory manufactured two polar cranes (with lifting capacity of 350+190/32 ton), two trestle cranes of the same lifting capacity, two refueling machines, and a 30/5 ton lifting capacity fresh fuel storage crane.     

"Our company plans to strengthen our position in the market of equipment for nuclear facilities. This segment of market has a very high potential, since the nuclear power industry is developing around the world and a lot of new NPP units are being built in Russia and abroad. We have a huge interest in this market and UZTM-KARTEX group companies have sufficient qualification for manufacturing load-handling equipment for NPPs as well as for developing new products for the nuclear power industry," says the CEO of UK UZTM-KARTEX LLC, Mr. Yan Tsenter.