Uralmashplant supplies equipment for Indian nuclear power plants

Published date: 25 january 2021

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Uralmashplant continues the participation in the largest Russian-Indian project of construction of Kudankulam NPP (India). A new contract signed under the framework of the project provides for the manufacture of two trestle cranes with the lifting capacity of 350 (190)/32 ton.

The new cranes will be used in the construction of NPP units and, after the commissioning of these units, for handling equipment and nuclear-hazardous loads to the transport airlock of the reactor compartment. Uralmashplant has already commenced the procurement of metal. The factory is planning to start the manufacture of the cranes in the 1st quarter of 2021.    

Uralmashplant has been participating in the Kudankulam NPP construction project since 2002. During this period the company manufactured two polar cranes, two refueling machines, four trestle cranes, embedded parts for airlocks, and a fresh fuel storage crane for the units 1-4. The manufacture of two more refueling machines for the units 3 and 4 is currently in progress.