Uralmashplant to supply mine-hoisting equipment to Uchalinsky GOK

Published date: 07 october 2020

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UMMC will equip Uchalinsky GOK that is one of its key mining enterprises with a set of mine-hoisting equipment designed by Russian manufacturers. By November 2021 Uralmashplant JSC (part of the UZTM-KARTEX Group) will supply the plant with three mine-hoisting machines for construction and operation of new Skipo-Kletevaya (skip-and-cage) mine.

The first machine, mobile bucket mine hoist 2.6x2.2, ordered by “Shakhtostroitelnoe upravlenie” Ltd (mine construction contractor) was commissioned in September. This is brand-new product for Uralmashplant, intended for construction of Skipo-Kletevaya mineshaft. According to Mr. Andrey Vyatkin, chief designer of materials-handling and crushing equipment, the mobile machine designed in compliance with the customer's requirements consists of pre-assembled individual transportable units, such a design allows reducing labor intensity, shafts construction and mounting costs. Commissioning of the mine hoist 2.6x2.2 will speed up shaft sinking to 55-60 meters per month.

Uralmashplant will manufacture two more mine-hoisting machines for Skipo-Kletevaya mineshaft at Novo-Uchalinsky deposit. "The first one will be used for ore hoisting, and the second one will be used to lower and lift employees, materials, rock, etc." – comments Ilias Akhmedianov, chief engineer of Uchalinsky GOK JSC.

The underground mine construction at Novo-Uchalinsky deposit is a strategic project of UMMC included in the list of high-priority projects of the Republic of Bashkortostan. Novo-Uchalinsky ore deposit reserves amount to approximately 116 million tons.