UZTM Gets Confirmation of Successful Sinter-Machine Revamping

Published date: 08 june 2020

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Guarantee tests of sinter machine successfully revamped by "Uralmashplant" JSC (aka UZTM, forms part of UZTM-KARTEX Group) in 2017 have been finalized at Vizag Steel Plant (India). According to the equipment acceptance certificate, performance parameters, such as capacity, specific fuel consumption and sinter quality, conform to the contractual commitments.

Sinter machine No. 1 manufactured by UZTM was commissioned at Vizag Steel Plant over 20 years ago; in 2014 this Indian company and Uralmashplant signed an agreement aimed at revamping of the equipment to increase its capacity, enhance sinter quality, and decrease power inputs.

The revamping involved replacement of 60 % of process equipment, increase in machine sintering area from 312 to 378 sq. m, installation of up-to-date hot-sinter crusher; and included implementation of an automatic ignition control system, which allows reducing consumption of gas-fuel for sinter-mix ignition by 40 % and enhancing product quality. In 2018, the sinter machine was commissioned to start its pilot commercial operation; the guarantee tests of equipment began at the end of 2019.

The acceptance certificate received by Uralmashplant from Vizag Steel Plant at the end of this May made special reference to the achievement of performance parameters stipulated in the contract. Thus, the maximum output of sinter averaged 12,156 tons per 24 hours; the consumption of gas and solid fuel was 14,744 kcal/t and 53.46 kg/t, respectively; these values fit the global standards of up-to-date sintering. "This certificate confirms that the technologies proposed by UZTM allow upgrading the existing equipment to achieve a radically new level," – says Andrey Vyatkin, chief designer of materials handling and mining equipment at UZTM.

Vizag Steel Plant plans shutdown of another sinter machine this year. UZTM experts will supervise revamping of this machine. Uralmashplant already supplied over 400 t of equipment to the customer for revamping of both machines under this contract.