UZTM-KARTEX continues to reequip Foundry Manufacturing facilities

Published date: 06 july 2022

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The branch of IZ-KARTEX – Foundry Manufacturing (Saint-Petersburg, part of UZTM-KARTEX Group) commissions two new heat-treatment furnaces Bosio for 70 and 300 tons, and installs new quench tanks.

Both furnaces have controllers that adjust all preset equipment operation parameters, including power of the burners and heating temperature. The automatic process control system allows transmitting main heat-treatment parameters to the process-engineer's workstation and enterprise server.

In view of the growing backlog of business the implementation of the state-of-the-art equipment will allow the enterprise to significantly grow the production facilities and expand the range of products – the commissioning of 300-ton furnace will allow performing heat treatment of workpieces of actually any size. And above all the heat treatment of castings in the new furnaces will significantly enhance their quality, including such important properties as strength, hardness, and impact strength of the metal.

Now, the foundry prepares two more furnaces for a drastic upgrade to be carried out by the company THM-PromPech. The upgrade should contribute to higher heat-treatment schedule accuracy. The contractor will equip these furnaces with up-to-date APCSs, similar to those of Bosio furnaces.

UZTM-KARTEX carries out the reequipment of all process stages at the Foundry Manufacturing within the framework of the comprehensive large-scale upgrade program covering all the facilities of the Group enterprises. The company started this program in 2018, and has already invested approx. 6.3 billion roubles in the upgrade of the assets. In 2022, the company plans to spend 5.4 billion roubles for various repairs and purchase of new equipment, including 590 million roubles for replacement of metallurgical facilities.