UZTM-KARTEX Group develops production of metallurgical equipment

Published date: 28 october 2020

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The first converter manufactured by Uralmashplant subsidiary, Uralmash–Mining Equipment LLC (Orsk, Orenburg Region), was commissioned at EVRAZ ZSMK (Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo Region). The machine successfully passed all tests and reached its rated production capacity. 

In August 2019 Uralmash–Mining Equipment started manufacturing vertical converter of 320‑ton capacity (KV-320); and in May 2020 shipped it to the customer. Between 10 and 16 October 2020, cold and hot tests of KV-320 took place in EVRAZ ZSMK oxygen-converter shop witnessed by expert organization representatives. 

According to Maxim Yumatov, Chief Designer of Uralmash–Mining Equipment LLC, there were no deviations found in the furnace operation. “The converter already produces 22 heats per day, or 7045 tons of liquid steel, that meets the design indicators,” comments Maxim Yumatov.

The new converter features an improved mouth to increase lining lifetime and an air-cooling system for the vessel shell top to slow steelwork deformation. An improved design of the attached drives facilitates the maintenance.

KV-320 is the first complex equipment manufactured by the UZTM subsidiary at its site in Orsk.
The successful launch of the converter at an enterprise of the largest metallurgical company strengthens our position in the market of metallurgical equipment,” comments Oleg Tsetsora, CEO of Uralmash–Mining Equipment LLC.

At present, Uralmash–Mining Equipment LLC prepares to participate in several tenders for manufacture of converters of various sizes, including a bid from a Kazakhstan Company. Now the enterprise manufactures a stationary mixer of 1300-ton capacity and slag cars for EVRAZ NTMK (part of EVRAZ).