UZTM-KARTEX Ships First Shovels to Elginskiy Coal Mine

Published date: 26 february 2021

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The Group of enterprises UZTM-KARTEX that incorporates Uralmashplant and IZ-KARTEX, leading Russian manufacturers of mining equipment, in record-breaking time completed manufacture of the first two mining shovels under the contract for supply of fifteen EKG-18 to UK Elgacoal LLC (Yakutia), which develops the largest Russian deposit of coking coal.

EKG-18 equipped with 18-m3 bucket is a commercial mining shovel produced by the Group of enterprises; it is well proven at coalfields owing to its high performance and low production cost of 1 m3 of minerals.

Uralmashplant and IZ-KARTEX began the manufacture of these excavating machines in spring of last year. The enterprises began shipment of the equipment to the customer last Friday; the specialists of UZTM-KARTEX service center plan to start the assembly in July. The Group plans to finalize the shipment of the complete lot of mining shovels toward the end of 2021.

"The Elginskiy project continues renewal of the technical facilities used at the deposit. Today we are ready to accept the first lot of electric shovels purchased under the development program. The Elginskiy project supports domestic manufacturers. That is why we chose UZTM-KARTEX. The equipment produced by the enterprise features high reliability performance, productivity and low production cost of coal mining; it is environmentally friendly, this is particularly important for our company," commented Alexander Isayev, general director of UK Elgacoal.

At present, Elgacoal is the only enterprise that solely uses domestic machinery. The company plans to continue development of cooperation with Russian suppliers of mining equipment.

On behalf of UK Elgacoal LLC and under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation the Group UZTM-KARTEX began to develop new type of products – equipment for coal beneficiation plant. At present, discussion of this project is at the final stage.


About UK Elgacoal LLC

The Elginskiy coal mine is the largest deposit of coking coal in Russia with reserves over 2.2 billion tons according to JORC standards. A-Property acquired full ownership of the Elginskiy coal facilities in 2020.

The Elginskiy coal facilities incorporate a group of companies involved in mining, beneficiation, transportation and sale of high-quality coking coals – grades «Ж», «ГЖ», «ГЖО» according to the Russian classification. The company produces premium-quality coking coal with extremely low content of sulfur and phosphorus. The Managing company Elgacoal LLC exercises administration of the Elginskiy coal facilities.