UZTM-KARTEX to produce unique steel castings for icebreaker Leader

Published date: 25 may 2021

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Branch of IZ-KARTEX LLC – Foundry Manufacturing (St. Petersburg, part of UZTM-KARTEX Group) started production of mold patterns for hull castings unique in their overall size. These are intended for building the most powerful nuclear icebreaker Leader LK-120, project 10510.

According to the contract signed this February with Central Design Bureau of Machine Building JSC, the metallurgical subdivision of UZTM-KARTEX – Branch of IZ-KARTEX – Foundry Manufacturing – will produce the required large and heavy castings before the end of June 2022. The products will include castings for stern frame consisting of 10 parts, and those for stem consisting of 12 parts (the mass of assembled products will be 121 t and 156 t, respectively).

Foundry Manufacturing will also produce one-piece-cast, finished, internal propeller-shaft strut of 216 t in mass; this value significantly exceeds the mass of the heaviest casting in the history of the enterprise.

"Launch of new products in the segment of large and heavy castings not produced until now neither in Russia nor in the USSR is of enormous importance for the further development of our enterprise and national metallurgy on the whole," says Dmitry Peplov, shipbuilding director of UZTM-KARTEX Group.