UZTM-KARTEX Upgrades its Foundry Facilities

Published date: 10 june 2021

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Branch of IZ-KARTEX - Foundry Manufacturing LLC (part of UZTM-KARTEX Group) continues the technical re-equipment of production facilities. The subsequent phase of the investment program aims at improvement of product quality and production efficiency.

The new investment program worth RUB602 million includes 13 projects and will cover all metal-manufacturing stages. New ladle stand for high-temperature heating, and heat-treatment furnace for baking of ferroalloys will be acquired for the steel-making area.

The investment program provides for an upgrade of the largest shot-blasting chamber with load-handling capacity of 100 t; a new 10 t chamber has been already acquired under this program. Four new semiautomatic welding machines Fronius have been acquired to repair products prior to their radiographic inspection.

To expand the capabilities of producing unique large-tonnage castings, special process equipment will be acquired, including 30 t and 70 t steel-teeming ladles, and a new 3000 t jacket of 10x10x8 m in size will be constructed.

The first phase of production facilities upgrade initiated at the Foundry Manufacturing in 2019 is virtually over. The new shot-blasting installation for processing steel castings with maximum dimensions of 1800x700x500 mm has been already commissioned; at present crawler tracks for excavating equipment and linings for crushing and milling equipment are successfully processed. Preparation of two modern heat-treatment furnaces of 70 t and 300 t and two quenching tanks for commissioning is underway.

"Casting quality requirements imposed by customers increasingly become more demanding. To remain competitive in the market, we have to renew the equipment, and develop to satisfy the market demands," says German Berezin, director of Foundry Manufacturing LLC.