UZTM Mine Hoist Ready for Operation at Nornickel Mine

Published date: 22 september 2022

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The Sever mine hoist manufactured by Uralmashplant JSC (UZTM, part of the UZTM-KARTEX Group) for Nornickel MMC has been put into commercial operation. Two more machines will be delivered to the mining company next year.

MK 5x4 North skip machine is installed in the headframe of the Oktyabrsky mine at Nornickel. It is capable of lifting 25 tonnes of rock to a height of 1132 metres in one cycle. For the first time in their practice, UZTM specialists have integrated the automatic radial shoe-brake control system into the control system of the entire machine.

The installation of the mine hoist supervised by UZTM designers was completed in September. Prior to commissioning, the machine underwent tests to check hoisting of the skips and operation of the braking system.

Uralmashplant will ship two more single-line skip hoists, U2Z-6.3x2.8 model, to Nornickel in 2023 for the Taimyr mine. The machines are currently at various stages of production.