UZTM to supply one more mine winder to UMMC

Published date: 08 april 2020

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Uralmashplant (UZTM) began the shipment of a mine hoist to Siberia Polymetals JSC (an enterprise of UMMC raw materials assets). SHPM 5x4 kn is intended for a mine under construction at the Korbalikhinsky ore deposit. This is the second machine of this type manufactured at UZTM.

At present, Uralmashplant is the only Russian manufacturer of mine hoists. The plant manufactured the first mine hoist, SHPM 5x8, in 2018 for Gaisky GOK (an enterprise of UMMC raw materials assets, Orenburg Oblast); it was commissioned in August 2019.

The new skip SHPM 5x4 with 4-groove rope-driving pulley of 5 m in diameter is capable of hoisting up to 33 tons of ore per cycle from a depth of 1100 meters. UZTM will supply this machine to the customer together with equipment for the mineshaft. 'The supply of complete equipment is very important for us. The manufacturer and supplier rolled into one provides us with direct assistance at each phase of the work,' said Evgeny Lyubchenko, construction project manager at Korbalikhinsky mine of Siberia Polymetals.

The successful factory tests of the hoist witnessed by the representatives of the customer and enterprise PO Montazhnik JSC contracted for site erection took place in the middle of this March. This week UZTM began shipment of machine components to be ended toward the end of April. The erection of the mine hoist is scheduled for the second quarter of 2020.

In 2020, UZTM will also supply SHPM 3.25x4 kn (cage-type) to Siberia Polymetals.

In addition to two mine hoists for Siberia Polymetals the stock of orders received by UZTM includes five mine hoists of various types and sizes.

About Siberia Polymetals JSC

Siberia Polymetals JSC operates in the Altai Territory where many unique polymetallic ore deposits are located including those containing ores with high content of copper, zinc, lead, precious metals. The Korbalikhinsky mine extracts copper, lead, gold and silver ores.