UZTM enters new market of equipment for nuclear industry.

Published date: 11 january 2022

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Uralmashplant JSC (also known as UZTM, a member of UZTM-KARTEX group) is commencing the manufacture of a shielding tank for the world's largest nuclear-powered icebreaker Leader (project 10510).

According to the contract signed by the General Director of Zvezda shipyard, Sergey Tseluiko, and the CEO of UK UZTM-KARTEX LLC, Yan Tsenter, Uralmashplant is going to supply two shielding tanks (left and right) with the total weight of about 1400 tons in October 2023. The price of the contract is 5.76 billion Rubles including VAT.  

The metal-water shielding tank is an assembly consisting of layers of metal, high-purity water, and special concrete. It is designed to protect from the ionizing radiation of the nuclear reactor core and ensure the safety of a ship crew. The structure of the tank will be made of corrosion-resistant and high-strength steel of different thickness.  

"Today, Uralmashplant is a licensed manufacturer of nuclear equipment including trestle cranes and refueling machines. The manufacture of shielding structures is a new step towards the expansion in this field. UZTM has all technical capacities and qualified personnel for making the equipment of such size and purpose." says the Director of Shipbuilding, UK UZTM-KARTEX LLC, Mr. Dmitriy Peplov.  

Technical supervision over the manufacture of metal structures will be performed by the Russian Maritime Register and the Federal environmental, technological, and nuclear supervision service.

"We are grateful to the management of NK Rosneft and SSK Zvezda for entrusting us with the manufacture of one of the most critical parts of the world's largest nuclear-powered icebreaker. The intent of our partners to replace imported ship-building components with domestic products significantly supports the Russian mechanical engineering industry, allows it to improve competence and implement new technologies." says Yan Tsenter.   

The UZTM-KARTEX group is already taking part in the Leader icebreaker project. According to the contract signed in February, the IZ-Kartex Foundry shall manufacture heavy castings including a sternpost (consisting of 10 parts) and a stempost (consisting of 12 parts) weighing 121 and 156 tons in assembled condition respectively, and two solid-cast inner starboard and port propeller struts. Each weighing 216 tons until July 2022.    

The Leader is an icebreaker with displacement above 70 thousand tons capable of moving through 5 meter-thick ice.  The ship is designed for 8 month of independent operation. It is the first vessel of such size in the world. The aim of this project is to ensure the all-year use of the Northern Sea Route for the transportation of cargo and expeditions to the Arctic.