Blast furnace equipment

Blast furnace equipment is designed for supplying charge materials into blast furnaces; for tapping, receiving and transporting such smelting products as cast iron and slag.

Cast Iron Ladle Cars

Designed for the transportation molten cast iron in the basket from mixer department to charging bay of the converter shop by traction rail vehicles.

Key characteristics:

Ladle capacity, t 100 140
Turn radius, m 75 75
Axis load, ton-force 40 52
Ladle car base, mm 4200 5000
Weight of a laddle filled with cast iron, t 130 180
Cast iron ladle car weight, t 40,2 49,6

Iron Casting Machines

Designed for teeming pig iron to casting molds, cooling teemed cast iron, and for loading hardened pig iron pieces on railway platforms.

Key characteristics:

Number of conveyor chains, pc 2
Number of molds in one chain, pc 154
Pig weight, kg 18
The range of conveyor speed adjustment, m/min 6 -16
Size over the drum axis to takeup sprocket axis, mm 42 535
Conveyor drive power, kW 61
Power of ladle tipping winch drive, kW 72
Water consumption for molds cooling, m3/hour 30
Weight of cast iron casting machine, t 216,5

Skip Hoists

This type of equipment is used for lifting skips with charge materials from a skip pit to the blast furnace charging device.

Key characteristics:

Hoist model LS-15 LS-22,5 LS-29 LS-39
Weight of ore in a skip, t 15 22,5 29 39
Maximum loading capacity, t 19 25 41 61
Lifting speed, m/s 2,9/4,3 2,8/3,9 3,5 4
Hoist weight, t 65 75,3 80 120,2

Slag Cars

Designed for receiving slag from a smelting unit, its transportation and unloading to a dump or a granulation plant.

Key characteristics:

Slag car type 11SP 16SP 16,5SP 16VP
Pan capacity, m3 11 16 16,5 16
Weight of slag in a bucket, t 38,5 56 58 56
Drive type sector-planetary sector-planetary sector-planetary winding
Electric motor power, kW 15 15 15 22
Static axle load, tf 28,6 31 31 32

Travelling Mixers

Designed for receiving molten cast iron from a blast furnace and transporting it to a BOF shop.

Key characteristics:

Mixer capacity, t 420 600
Maximum travel speed, km/h 10 10
Minimum turn radius, m 120 120
Number of wheel pairs, pc 16 24
Maximum axis load, 540 550
Distance over the axes of the enclosure supports, mm 20 000 19 000
Mixer length over coupler axes, mm 31 860 40 760

    Other blast furnace type equipment:

    • charge distributors;
    • charging equipment;
    • bell beams;
    • bell control hoists;
    • bell-free rotor-type charging device;
    • iron taphole plug up machine;
    • iron tapping machine;
    • blast furnace hoist skips with capacity up to 20 m3;
    • rope pulleys;
    • conveyors for blast furnace filling.