Steel Melting Equipment

UZTM-KARTEX offers wide range of equipment for steelmaking industry. Largest metallurgical enterprises in Russia and CIS countries successfully operate converters, process equipment and transport facilities of the Group.

Basic oxygen furnace oxygen supply machine

The machine is designed to move steel water-cooled lances that supply industrial-grade pure oxygen to the reaction zone of the basic oxygen furnace and quickly replace a failed lance with a backup one.

Key characteristics:

Basic oxygen furnace capacity, t 160
Oxygen supply, m3/min 400
Oxygen pressure, MPa (kg/cm2) 1,5 (15)
Water supply for lance cooling, m3/hour 140
Water pressure at flexible hoses, MPa (kg/ cm2) 1,2 (12)
Electric motor installed power, kW 75,0
Weight, t 21,62

Stationary mixers

Designed for the temporary storage of liquid cast iron in order to homogenize its chemical composition and temperature, and to create conditions for the stable uninterrupted steel production process by aligning the schedule of molten metal delivery from the blast furnace shop.

Key characteristics:

Mixer capacity, t 1300
Outer diameter of enclosure, mm 7640
Bottom length of enclosure, mm 10 720
Nominal temperature of cast iron inside mixer 1320
Fuel type Natural gas
Number of burners, pcs 3

Travelling ladle cars

Designed to transfer an empty ladle to a steel-melting furnace or basic oxygen furnace for filling with metal and transporting it to the next process stage. The ladle cars may be equipped with devices for cleaning the pouring pit and rail track from metal and slag spills and with weighing devices.

Key characteristics:

Loading capacity, t 190 230 250 320 500
Bucket capacity, t 130 175 170 175 385
Maximum travel speed, m/min 14 53,5 50 50 50
Track gauge, mm 4800 2500 3600 5700 4800
Total power of travel drives, kW 37 30 х 2 65 х 4 17,5 х 4 47 х 4
Weight, t 99 62 103 92 128

Travelling slag cars

Designed for the transportation of empty slag buckets to steel furnaces or to basic oxygen furnaces for filling with slag and then transfer of filled buckets to the shop slag aisle. The slag cars may be equipped with devices for cleaning the pit under the smelting unit; devices for cleaning rail track from metal and slag spills; and weighing devices.

Key characteristics:

Loading capacity, t 100 - 320
Pan capacity, m3 16 - 30
Travel speed, m/min to 48
Track gauge, mm 2500 - 4800
Static load on a trolley axis, ton-force 40 - 62,5
Weight, t up to 130

Upright basic oxygen furnaces

Used for smelting molten steel by top blowing. Advantages: projects design in full compliance with the customer's requirements based on modern design and technological solutions; the equipment is shipped to the Customer preassembled to the maximum possible extent after the trial running of all mechanisms; full-cycle manufacture of equipment. The most common upright basic furnaces are quite productive and easy in operation converters with oxygen top blowing. Smelting duration is from 45 to 52 minutes; blowing duration is 15-25 minutes; capacity is 160-320 tons of molten metal.

Key characteristics:

Capacity, t 160 320
Lined furnace inside volume, m3, m3 115,8 237
Specific volume, m3/t 0,74–0,82 0,76–0,81
Power of electrical tilt drive, kW 60 kW х 12;
130 kW х 4
60 kW х 12
Depth of molten metal pool, mm 1390 1744
Slewing speed, rpm 0,04…1 0,1…1
Weight without lining, t 630 1300

    UZTM-KARTEX Group also offers:

    • extension lifting platforms for basic oxygen furnace lining brickwork with lifting capacity of 10…300 t;
    • ladles with capacity of 1…380 t;
    • platforms for steelmelting applications with lifting capacity of 80…250 t;
    • jack trolleys for the installation and removal of 10…300 t basic oxygen furnace bottoms;
    • pan cars up to 45 t;
    • slag pans capacity of 11…27 m3;
    • • travelling slag pans capacity of 11–16 m3.