For Nuclear Power Engineering

Trestle Cranes

Key parameters:

  • Crane capacity, t
  • Hoisting height , m
  • Rated load hoisting / lowering speed, m/s
    1,0 (0,1)
  • Rated hoisting / lowering speed w/o load, m/s
  • Fork swing angle, deg.


Trestle crane serves for materials handling operations, including nuclear fuel handling, transfer of cargos from motor vehicles to the maintenance elevation of the reactor-building trestle and back. Its functions also include handling operations during civil and erection works and NPP decommissioning.

Cranes are designed, manufactured and operated in compliance with the Design and safe operation of load-lifting cranes for nuclear facilities. Requirements and Federal rules and regulations.

Full-swing (polar) crane

Key parameters:

  • Crane capacity, t
  • Hoisting height , m
  • Rated load hoisting / lowering speed, m/s
    1,0 (0,1)
  • Mass, t


Full-swing (polar) crane is installed under the low-leakage containment dome of NPP reactor building. The trolley of the polar crane travels along the bridge, the crane itself runs on circular rail track over the reactor cavity, this design allows performing handling operations at any point of the building. The polar crane performs handling and repair operations required to maintain nuclear reactor during NPP life cycle; the operations involve handling of loads including nuclear-hazardous ones, charging of fresh-fuel cask and discharging of spent fuel to the transport channel, handling operations and civil and erection works during NPP construction.

The crane is controlled from the premises located outside the reactor building.

Fuel-handling machine

Key parameters:

  • Bridge travel, m
  • Trolley travel, m
  • Bridge and trolley travel speed, m/min
    0,6 - 15
  • Travel speed of fuel assembly grip, m/min
    0,6 - 10
  • Positioning accuracy in horizontal planes of bridge and trolley, mm
    ± 2
  • Vertical positioning accuracy of mast grips, mm
    ± 3


The fuel-handling machine is a sophisticated industrial manipulator designed for operation with reactors of VVER type (440, 1000, 1200, 1500). The equipment is installed on the reactor hall floor and serves to handle fuel in the zone including the reactor, transport channel and spent fuel storage pool.

The elements handled include:

- Fuel elements

- Leak-tight bottles

- Clusters

- Plugs of leak-tight bottles and defective assembly detection system bottles